JEFFRO UITTO is an American artist known for his expressive sculptures that are handcrafted and imagined with rescued driftwood from the Washington and Oregon coastlines. He sculpts majestic wild animals recreating the energy, motion, and anatomy of their conformation as well as other figurative art pieces from these sometimes centuries old driftwood discoveries. Each piece is selected with no manipulation for its purpose on each sculpture as the varied sticks, slabs, and roots are cured and then envisioned in Jeffro’s creations Exploring the natural world through the pure use of materials, Jeffro’s art supply store is the mouths of rivers and coastlines in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where nature’s leftovers get a second chance at stardom.

About The Artist

Jeffro Uitto born in 1982 was raised and resides in the small coastal town of Tokeland, Washington. This is where his creative journey began as a young child as he was fascinated with the organic forms that surrounded him. Growing up on the ocean with the mountains nearby, there was never a shortage of inspiration. Jeffro’s partner and longtime love Zela McKinstry collaborates with Jeffro and is a massive part of his inspiration and together the artistic process gains potency and enjoyment through their unique shared artistic vision.

Some of the artist’s most memorable pieces have been displayed for public installations, including Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival, Summit 2019, Chimei Museum in Taiwan and notable galleries across the U.S. and abroad which commemorate the importance of nature and environmental sustainability. Jeffro currently lives and works in Tokeland, WA.