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Furniture samples including chairs, benches, beds, and tables

gear desk
maple table
maple table
tavis' coffee table 1
tavis' coffee table 2
curl bench
curl bench detail
chair 16
chair 16-2
dresser 1
dresser 1-2
leather bench
leather bench 2
bench 4
coffee table
curl stool
redwood stool
gentlemens box
chair 17
chair before and after
river teeth chair 1
river teeth chair 2
maple burl chair 1
maple burl chair 2
trike bench 1
trike bench 2
table 5
yew wood stool
cedar root chair
coffee table 1
coffee table 2
Redwood Maple Burl Throne 1
Redwood Maple Burl Throne
cedar root chair
cedar root chair
cedar root chair
cedar root chair

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